About us

The company takes pride in offering qualitative advice and engineering related to repair and service work on ships. We also offer planning and implementation of repairs and service work

A-Marine AS was founded by Hilmar Andersen and Øystein Eldevik. The company takes pride in providing qualitative consulting and engineering related to repair and service work on ships. We also provide planning and implementation of repair and service work. In addition, we act as project managers for assignments and employ temporary personnel / company with the right expertise for the job.

Hilmar Andersen – Have experience in installation of piping systems on land and ships from 1967 – experience in these years relates to:

  • Sanitary facilities.
  • Central heating plant.
  • Piping for pump stations for all types of petroleum products at the refinery and most tank for oil products.
  • Hydraulic systems for winches and lifting equipment on board ships. Construction and repair.
  • Installation of piping and condensate systems for low pressure steam, medium pressure steam and high pressure steam. Boilers, vessels and turbines associated with the different systems. All subject Boiler control – held every Boiler control certificates for welding, plumbing and repair of boilers.
  • Service, modification of all types of piping systems on offshore vessels and tankers.

Øystein Eldevik – Was employed several years with ship brokers J. Gran and Co, Bergen and worked then with contracting of ships with Norwegian Shipyards. Started thereafter in a sales position at the shipyard Mjellem & Karlsen in Bergen and later Bergen Group. Possess professional skill related to contracting of new ships, as well as reconstruction and repair. Held formerly positions as head of sales and calculation and worked largely with international projects in this respect. Possess also professional skill from ship engineering and consulting company that offered design for newbuilding of ship on the international market. Worked several years as general manager of mechanical engineering company.