a-marine skipsservice

Clamping of exhaust pipes above the bridge deck on AHTS vessels. Over a period of time in operation the vessel has been exposed to heavy damage in clamping of pipes.
We have worked out a new arrangement with clamps around pipes, blocks of sinter metal are fitted between clamp and pipes to allow for heat extraction of pipes without damaging the attachment. Flexible joints are also fitted between the pipes.
Similar arrangement were installed on all the exhaust pipes.

Stern roller on an AHTS is exposed to excessive wear when handling anchors and chains over the stern. Wear must be repaired and occasionally fields are to be renewed.
New steel plate is rolled finished and prepared for installation by slot welding.
The work was performed complete on one shift at the wharf Bergen.

Break down on turning engine on the azimuth aboard PSV vessels.
Planet gears with bearings etc were shattered.
The gear was dismantled and brought to the workshop where further dismantling was made.
The gear was built up with new bearings etc and then transported back on-board for fitting and testing.

Gypsies are subject to considerable wear in pockets and up welding pockets are occasionally required to be performed.
Execution of this type of work requires knowledge of types of electrode materials that must be used, pre-treatment of weld areas and operator with qualifications.
We have performed this type of work on a number of gypsies and with very good results.

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